Liu Mifune Art Ensemble – Memorial hall rendering honor to Sei Yo Liu

Liu Mifune Art Ensemble

Sei Yo Liu (1928 – 1985) is father of Bunsho Mifune, Liu MAER’s founder.

He was a multitalented artist from Taiwan, but passed away early at the age of fifty-seven. Displaying and preserving abstract paintings of Sei Yo Liu is the first aim of the building. At the same time, for the sake of realizing trinity (paintings, music and architecture) the private hall was completed in 1999 putting the full-concert Steinway grand piano (made in 1926) to practical use.

Sei Yo Liu went to Tomoe Gakuen and Tamagawa Gakuen, having lived in Tokyo until the end of the Second World War when he was fifteen years old. He is one of the up-front artists who represent postwar Taiwan. Having put on a solo exhibition in Tokyo, his works were already in storage at National Tokyo Modern Art Museum, Kanagawa Modern Gallery and Nagaoka Modern Museum of Fine Arts when he was thirty-eight-year young. He continued his creative work in Okayama, Japan to the end of his life.

On the other hand, Sei Yo Liu loved music very much, beginning with the violin. Father’s spirit is inherited by his children. Especially at Sei Yo Liu Memorial Hall (Liu Mifune Art Ensemble) there have been held once-in-a-lifetime encounter concerts more than forty times, which has the characteristic of once-in-a-lifetime encounter. First-class performers have been invited from Japan and abroad.

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